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by Kathy Yaeger

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Anoka-Ramsey Community College—Cambridge Campus (ARCC) student senate was hard at work organizing an informational forum, providing the public and students valuable information on proper procedures and voter rights for this election year.

Sarah Goodspeed and Walker Bosch, representatives from the Minnesota Secretary of State Office’s, Voter Outreach Program spoke at ARCC’s voter forum, Thursday, Sept 16 and they were available to answer questions. "Voter outreach is focused on students’ rights and reaching young voters, keeping them informed on the process of voting," Bosch stated.

Visit to find a polling place, gets sample ballads, and finds links to find information on the candidates running for office in your district.

Voter’s Bill of Rights

1. You have the right to be absent from work for the purpose of voting without reduction to your pay, personal leave, or vacation time on election day for the time necessary to appear at your polling place, cast a ballot, and return to work.

2. If you are in line at your polling place any time before 8 pm you have the right to vote.

3. If you can provide the required proof of resident, you have the right to register to vote and to vote on Election Day.

4. If you are unable to sign your name, you have the right to orally confirm your identity with an election judge and to direct another person to sign your name for you.

5. You have the right to request special assistance when voting.

6. If you need assistance, you may be accompanied into the voting booth by a person of your choice, except by an agent of your employer or union or a candidate.

7. You have the right to bring your minor children into the polling place and into the voting booth with you.

8. If you have been convicted of a felony but your felony sentence has expired (been completed) or you have been discharged from your sentence, you have the right to vote.

9. If you are under a guardianship, you have the right to vote, unless the court order revokes your right to vote,

10. You have the right to vote without anyone in the polling place trying to influence your vote.

11. If you make a mistake or spoil your ballot before it is submitted, you have the right to receive a replacement ballot and vote.

12. You have the right to file a written complaint at your polling place if you are dissatisfied with the way an election is being run.

13. You have the right to take a sample ballot into the voting booth with you.

14. You have the right to take a copy of this voter’s bill of rights into the voting booth with you.

Cindy Gilbert, ARCC student senate member states, "Students have access to the information that was presented, if they were unable to attend the event. This information is located on the voter registration table outside the student activities area E203. Of particular interest is the voter’s bill of rights, everyone should check this out."

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