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May 2011 Ink Spot Pages
April 2011 Ink Spot pages FINALsm

May Staff Trivia

 1.) Which staff member has met Toby Keith?

Dana Gangl

2.) Which staff member wanted to work in Willy Wonka's candy factory as a child?

Maria Jedlicka

3.)  Which staff member worked at Burger King for their first job?

William Breen

4.)  Who from the ARCC staff has eaten a worm from the bottom of a bottle of Mezcal?

Michael Wall

5.)  Who from the ARCC staff began working on the campus December of 2006?

Ryan O' Donovan

April Staff Trivia

1.) Which Cambridge instructor has met Usher?

Answer: Rebecca Thomas

2.) Which Cambridge instructor had a childhood dream of becoming the President of Disneyland?

Answer: Jeff Edbald

3.) Who out of the Cambridge staff was a beekeeper's assistant for their first job?

Answer: Maria Barlage

4.) Which staff member has eaten cow lung in Indonesia?

Answer: Martha Muehlhauser

5.) Who began working at the Cambridge campus in 1988 as a student worker in the Financial Aid office?

Answer: Crystal Nelson