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What is this award recipient like?

What drives Chanelle Nigh, a recipient of the ARCC Student Leadership Award? Find out in this video by Supaphan Sritunyalux.

Get started in the Computer lab

Greg Strandmark demonstrates how to save on the H drive. Video by Supaphan Sritunyalux.

Get to know Cayla Yund

The ARCC student is also the 2010 Cambridge Ambassador. 

Build your resume through an internship

Video by Supaphan Sritunyalux.

Need a student loan? First step is to complete FASFA.

Video by Supaphan Sritunyalux.

Learn more about Student Life from Cindy Nutter

Video by Supaphan Sritunyalux.

What you need to know about the work study program

Video by Supaphan Sritunyalux.

Tips on how to pay for college

Video by Supaphan Sritunyalux.

A Man Named David DeWitt   

Video by Supaphan Sritunyalux.

Holiday Concert

Video by Chris Johnson
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Fall Fest 2010

by Chris Johnson

'Big Belching Bog' author, illustrator speak

Minnesota Writing Event, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010
By Melinda Rosenau
by Ashley Brueske

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