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by Tom Bolan

Contributing writer

The coffee house series returned to the Cambridge Campus of Anoka Ramsey Community College on Tuesday, March 22. This time, the featured artist was Paul Imholte.

Imholte, a folk singer and lifelong Minnesotan, was playing his music to a small, but enamored crowd. People came and went through the cafeteria, many stopping for a moment, and some sitting down to enjoy the free show.

Imholte is a career musician, folk singer, and master of stringed instruments. On stage with him were the tools of his craft: a guitar, violin, fiddle, banjo, lute, harmonica, and hammer dulcimer, which is an instrument that was a transition between the harpsichord and modern piano.

He has been playing music since he was in the eighth grade, and getting paid to do what he loved since.

"The space here is really small,; it's really intimate. I could almost play without amplification, it feels more personal in places like these," he said.

Imholte is no stranger to small venues, but he has played to larger audiences as well. He's played across the country from New York City to California, but the vast majority of his work has been in the upper Midwest. Although more than 80 percent of his work is his solo career, including the release of a number of solo albums, he plays with different bands on occasion. He will be playing with an Irish music group called Ring of Kerry at a festival in Duluth next week, and has played to audiences numbering in the thousands at various festivals.

During his Cambridge Campus show, he took a few requests from the audience: a Johnny Cash song as well as a tune written by Bach. However, folk music is what he does best.

"People in Iowa and Minnesota, they get these songs. They know what a song about raising a barn is about," Imholte said just before he played one of his original folk songs.

"I enjoy the connection with the audience, when they're dancing or getting into the music," Imholte remarked. "There's an energy transferred there, that's my favorite part."


Chase Mccargar
Staff Writer

I officially have become the new biggest fan of a certain Minnesota rapper, Prof put on one of the best shows I personally have seen. A rapper that associates with the Stophouse Music Group, based out of the south side of Minneapolis, played an 18-plus show on the 19th of November at The Varsity Theatre in dinky town and put together one of the most active, jaw dropping, and phenomenal shows I can speak for. The overall entire show was very good, other Minnesota rappers like Mike Dreams, K-radio, and Laslo also put on quality sets but I could not wait for Prof to hit the stage and when that moment came, I nudged my way to the front row to make sure everything was right there for me.
If any music fan wants to go out and have a good time, enjoy some music, and support the Minnesota rap scene I strongly recommend going out and seeing this man play. Prof, much like the entire Stophouse group, offers high tempo, meaningful songs with a catchy hook and great lyrics to follow. He has released and album, "Project Gampo" and a few other mixtapes. To find his music go to
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Paul Diethelm performed in the food court t the Anoka-Ramsey Community College

His genre of music ranged from R&B to country. He asked a couple of people for some favorites, he performed the popular Lynrd Skynrd song “Sweet Home Alabama“ he later sang Johnny Cash’s hit “Folsom Prison Blues“.

It looked like the crowd was enjoying Paul Diethelm. ARCC student Benjamin Rydlund said “His Smooth instrumentals went into my ears like drinking a nice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day”

Paul Diethelm is a guitarist with over 30 years of experience. Paul is a singer, songwriter and a top notch performer. He was a member of the Jonny Lang band and together they have sold 2 platinum selling albums. Paul has a studio based in Minnesota and has a arsenal of vintage and contemporary gear.

Paul also specializes in radio jingles and songs for music and televison which can be heard around the world.

So far the Coffee House has presented a lot of performers, to perform at the food court here in ARCC. Past performers have been Jerry Fraiser, Glenn Everhart and many many more. Lets hope the Coffee House series brings us some more stunning performances.

You can find more information on Paul Diethelm on his website You can hear some music samples from his albums and get him to perform for you. All of his contact information is on the website. 


Chase Mccargar
staff writer
It's back one more time everybody, if you have a lull in your music life here are some personal recommendations brought to you by the Ink Spot staff.

Cody Carlson;
'Forget You'- Cee-lo Green
'Just a Dream'-Nelly
'He Loves Us'-David Crowder
Kathy Yeager;
'Shake That'-Eminem
'Never There'- Cake 
Anything sung by Aretha Franklin 
Chis Johnson;
'Policy of Truth'- Depeche Mode
'Don't Want to Know if You're Lonely'- Husker Du
'Give Blood'- Rain Machine
Holly Buboltz;
'Sparks Fly'- Taylor Swift
'The Story of Us'- Taylor Swift
'Innocent'- Taylor Swift
Chase Mccargar;
'Trapped in My Mind'- Kid Cudi
'Gorgeous'- Kany west
'Fire'- Prof
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Here he is, Mr. controversial, Kanye West. Some say he is a jack ass some say he's condesending, no matter what you say he still is one of the most talented musicians out there. He doesn't always tie a pretty bow around his actions but he is one of the highest grossing musical artists in this generation. I'm going yo go ahead and say it, what Kanye did to the talentless Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV video music awards was a public service. Swift is one of the most unoriginal artists there are, her songs have very little depth and are all about the same darn boring love story. Sometimes it's a song about how mad she is at an ex but seriously here, let's move on and sing about stuff that someone hasn't heard. 
People forgave Michael Vick for killing dogs, forgave Michael Jackson for his alleged innappropriate actions with minors, and even forgave Ben Roethlisberger for multiple run-ins with charges of sexual assault. All West did was interrupt one of the most annoying singers of all time at the MTV video music awards, if it had been a grammy then maybe be a little upset but anyone can admit, Beyonce did have one of the best videos of all time. Thank you Mr. West for actually following through with what the whole world wanted to happen. 
Kanye overall is just a better artist, he sings about problems in life that people can relate to, he raps about not only love, hate, and struggles, but also about stuff that every single human can relate to. Even I myself can write a love song, change a few of the lyrics, and call it an album. West has a raw ability to create some amazing sounds and not only great songs but phenomenal lyrics to fit the mood of each indivudual beat. 
Kanye single handedly sold 1.5 million records the first week that his album '808's and Heartbreaks' was released. That's even after the leaks had been out for a month, after he dealt with a sales duel with fellow rapper 50 Cent, and after his prior public outbursts. Another bonus for Kanye is, he has been on the top of his game since "T-Sweezy" was in 7th grade. West is a music legend and always will have the upper hand to Ms. Swift when it comes to music. 
I will admit West doesn't handle his persona like a star should but he still can any day handle Swift in sales, music quality, and overall value as an artist. So let's all seriously quit hating on Kanye because if we can forgive other stars for far more serious offenses then lets all move on and accept the fact that he did the world a service by interrupting Taylor Swift in 2009.
by Cody Carlson

n Aug. 13, 2010, "The Expendables" instantly made it to the top spot at the box office. This movie starred big names like Sylvester Stallone, who can also be seen in the "Rocky" franchise and the "Rambo" franchise, and other countless movies; Jason Statham of "Crank" and "Crank 2: High Voltage" along with the Transporter trilogy; Jet Li who has countless movies, and Dolph Lundgren. Other supporting actors were Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Randy Couture and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

This star-studded action film made its way through the United Kingdom, China, United States box officees.

This movie was about a group of mercenaries named The Expendables. The group contains Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) the leader of The Expendables, blades specialist Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), Martial Artist Yin Yang (Jet Li), sniper Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren), weapons specialist; Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) and demolition expert Toll Road (Randy Couture). Barney Ross is given a mission on a island on the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the best fight scenes in the movie was when Randy Couture’s character (Toll Road), fought with Steve Austin’s characters (Paine). Couture was in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

The movie was amazing. I thought it was kind of like "Rambo." If you haven’t seen "Rambo", I suggest you do so. If you like how that movie is you will definitely like this. For sure, this is a guy movie; There is hardly any romance and no swearing, but I don’t suggest taking your kids to go see it. I’m not saying it was scary but there is people exploding, dying, getting beheaded. It would most likely give kids nightmares.

There's good news for those that love this movie: Sylvester Stallone plans to make a few sequels.

So far The Expandables has made $177,288,000 in the box office; its budget was $82 million.

Tickets for shows at

the Hardy Center in Cambridge are for sale at the bookstore.


tickets are just $5. Arrive at the box office 30 minutes before each

show to get the discount. Seat location depends on seat availablity.

See calendar at:

by Cody Carlson

staff writer

On August 25, 2010, Jerry Fraiser entertained during Welcome Week at Anoka-Ramsey Community College -- Cambridge Campus.

One of the acts he did was called the Clueless Guy Theory. He called upon a guy named Josiah Scheumann; he had Josiah sit down on a chair. Then Jerry Fraiser bunched up a Kleenex in one hand and formed it into a ball; Josiah did the same. Then the Kleenex disappeared.

"Now Josiah… Josiah the Wonder Boy, your job is to figure out how I do the trick," Fraiser told Scheumann.

But little did Scheumann realize that everytime Frasier would tell him to focus, he would throw the Kleenex over his head; after all, Scheumann was clueless of the situation -- the name of the act is called Clueless Guy Theory. Towards the end, Josiah realized what was going on.

Then Frasier performed a card trick. He brought a female and a male student up on stage. She was a "celebrity" and he was her body guard. This trick stunned the audience.

The biggest spectacle of the hour was the floating trick.

He brought two students on stage; she was to be resting on a bed perched on two chairs, while the male, Kirk, held her arm.

"Now remember, if Kirk lets go, you will fall," Frasier told the girl.

Towards the end of the floating trick, she floated.

Fraiser then closed the show with a ballad from the band Styx, but he didn’t have a trick with sticks, he had a trick with metal rings.

"I am all about interacting and creating moments with people," Frasier noted after the show. "I have been doing this for 21 years.

"When I put on a performance I want the audience to leave with a good taste in there mouth. Most comedians would pick on a person, make fun of their weight and their appearance. I don’t do that. I make them feel like a celebrity."