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Chase Mccargar
staff writer
It's back one more time everybody, if you have a lull in your music life here are some personal recommendations brought to you by the Ink Spot staff.

Cody Carlson;
'Forget You'- Cee-lo Green
'Just a Dream'-Nelly
'He Loves Us'-David Crowder
Kathy Yeager;
'Shake That'-Eminem
'Never There'- Cake 
Anything sung by Aretha Franklin 
Chis Johnson;
'Policy of Truth'- Depeche Mode
'Don't Want to Know if You're Lonely'- Husker Du
'Give Blood'- Rain Machine
Holly Buboltz;
'Sparks Fly'- Taylor Swift
'The Story of Us'- Taylor Swift
'Innocent'- Taylor Swift
Chase Mccargar;
'Trapped in My Mind'- Kid Cudi
'Gorgeous'- Kany west
'Fire'- Prof


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