The online voice of cambridge campus students
by Kathy Yaeger

Tuition, how do I pay it? What resources are out there? Who can I talk to? Is there something out there besides student loans?

These are questions almost all students ask themselves when they began to plan their future. But what are the answers?

As a current student of Anoka-Ramsey Community College—Cambridge Campus (ARCC) I used the free application for federal student aid (FASFA) to get a loan to further my education. After I was approved for a loan, I wondered where else could a student go to finance their education.

The following sites have useful articles, links and information that may help you in your search:

• is a free membership site that lists Minnesota grants and financial aid information, plus numerous articles that can help with the search for appropriate financial aid.

• contains topical articles and information plus links to grant application software to submit your name to multiple federal grants.

• is another resource for grant and financial aid information.

Think outside the box by looking for grants through your employer, church, recreational or community organization. Do you belong to a union? Find out if they offer scholarship money.

Consider consulting Karla Seymour with ARCC’s financial aid office, Seymour warns, "Always watch for scholarship application deadlines and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Show caution with sites that have outlandish claims or ask you to send them money." If you find an option for financial aid but are unsure of its validity, check with the financial aid office and ask for their advice.

ARCC has a scholarship option available on its website, it states that more than 200 students receive an award each year. The awards range from $200 to $3000 per person. Fill out the application and your chance of being awarded this scholarship is up to 60 percent.

There are multiple options for those looking for financial aid. The trick is finding the right fit for you. So do your homework check all your options and ease some of the financial burden that continuing education can bring.

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