Yeezy vs T-sweezy: Kanye is still king - The online voice of cambridge campus students
The online voice of cambridge campus students

Here he is, Mr. controversial, Kanye West. Some say he is a jack ass some say he's condesending, no matter what you say he still is one of the most talented musicians out there. He doesn't always tie a pretty bow around his actions but he is one of the highest grossing musical artists in this generation. I'm going yo go ahead and say it, what Kanye did to the talentless Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV video music awards was a public service. Swift is one of the most unoriginal artists there are, her songs have very little depth and are all about the same darn boring love story. Sometimes it's a song about how mad she is at an ex but seriously here, let's move on and sing about stuff that someone hasn't heard. 
People forgave Michael Vick for killing dogs, forgave Michael Jackson for his alleged innappropriate actions with minors, and even forgave Ben Roethlisberger for multiple run-ins with charges of sexual assault. All West did was interrupt one of the most annoying singers of all time at the MTV video music awards, if it had been a grammy then maybe be a little upset but anyone can admit, Beyonce did have one of the best videos of all time. Thank you Mr. West for actually following through with what the whole world wanted to happen. 
Kanye overall is just a better artist, he sings about problems in life that people can relate to, he raps about not only love, hate, and struggles, but also about stuff that every single human can relate to. Even I myself can write a love song, change a few of the lyrics, and call it an album. West has a raw ability to create some amazing sounds and not only great songs but phenomenal lyrics to fit the mood of each indivudual beat. 
Kanye single handedly sold 1.5 million records the first week that his album '808's and Heartbreaks' was released. That's even after the leaks had been out for a month, after he dealt with a sales duel with fellow rapper 50 Cent, and after his prior public outbursts. Another bonus for Kanye is, he has been on the top of his game since "T-Sweezy" was in 7th grade. West is a music legend and always will have the upper hand to Ms. Swift when it comes to music. 
I will admit West doesn't handle his persona like a star should but he still can any day handle Swift in sales, music quality, and overall value as an artist. So let's all seriously quit hating on Kanye because if we can forgive other stars for far more serious offenses then lets all move on and accept the fact that he did the world a service by interrupting Taylor Swift in 2009.

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