Magician performs during Welcome Week - The online voice of cambridge campus students
The online voice of cambridge campus students
by Cody Carlson

staff writer

On August 25, 2010, Jerry Fraiser entertained during Welcome Week at Anoka-Ramsey Community College -- Cambridge Campus.

One of the acts he did was called the Clueless Guy Theory. He called upon a guy named Josiah Scheumann; he had Josiah sit down on a chair. Then Jerry Fraiser bunched up a Kleenex in one hand and formed it into a ball; Josiah did the same. Then the Kleenex disappeared.

"Now Josiah… Josiah the Wonder Boy, your job is to figure out how I do the trick," Fraiser told Scheumann.

But little did Scheumann realize that everytime Frasier would tell him to focus, he would throw the Kleenex over his head; after all, Scheumann was clueless of the situation -- the name of the act is called Clueless Guy Theory. Towards the end, Josiah realized what was going on.

Then Frasier performed a card trick. He brought a female and a male student up on stage. She was a "celebrity" and he was her body guard. This trick stunned the audience.

The biggest spectacle of the hour was the floating trick.

He brought two students on stage; she was to be resting on a bed perched on two chairs, while the male, Kirk, held her arm.

"Now remember, if Kirk lets go, you will fall," Frasier told the girl.

Towards the end of the floating trick, she floated.

Fraiser then closed the show with a ballad from the band Styx, but he didn’t have a trick with sticks, he had a trick with metal rings.

"I am all about interacting and creating moments with people," Frasier noted after the show. "I have been doing this for 21 years.

"When I put on a performance I want the audience to leave with a good taste in there mouth. Most comedians would pick on a person, make fun of their weight and their appearance. I don’t do that. I make them feel like a celebrity."

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