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The online voice of cambridge campus students

Chase Mccargar
Staff Writer

I officially have become the new biggest fan of a certain Minnesota rapper, Prof put on one of the best shows I personally have seen. A rapper that associates with the Stophouse Music Group, based out of the south side of Minneapolis, played an 18-plus show on the 19th of November at The Varsity Theatre in dinky town and put together one of the most active, jaw dropping, and phenomenal shows I can speak for. The overall entire show was very good, other Minnesota rappers like Mike Dreams, K-radio, and Laslo also put on quality sets but I could not wait for Prof to hit the stage and when that moment came, I nudged my way to the front row to make sure everything was right there for me.
If any music fan wants to go out and have a good time, enjoy some music, and support the Minnesota rap scene I strongly recommend going out and seeing this man play. Prof, much like the entire Stophouse group, offers high tempo, meaningful songs with a catchy hook and great lyrics to follow. He has released and album, "Project Gampo" and a few other mixtapes. To find his music go to stophousegroup.com.

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