Meet the candidates - The online voice of cambridge campus students
The online voice of cambridge campus students
by Kathy Yaeger

staff writer

Anoka-Ramsey Community College Cambridge Campus (ARCC) Student Senate hosted a meet-and-greet, Tuesday, Sept. 4, featuring candidates running for state, county and city offices.

Candidates were available to answer questions, and hear the concerns of the public and the ARCC student body.

Tara Clairmont, student and first-time voter, was looking for candidates who supported issues that were important to her. Clairmont stated, "I am looking for a candidate who is pro sportsman, and will give proper healthcare to people who need it."

Merinda Christensen wasn’t looking to ask specific questions she came to gather information so she could do her research on her own time. Christianson stated, "I want to get more information before I show support for any candidates, this is helpful to find out who’s on the ballot and where I can find more information about the people running."

All candidate quotes and information were taken from their personal campaign literature.

Cindy Erickson, State Representative Candidate

"Your concerns are my priorities."

Chip Cravaack, Congressman Candidate

"Each time I was promoted in the Navy I renewed my oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies. I wish to do so again as your next congressman."

Guy Lillemo, Isanti County Commissioner

"I have always been very concerned about our community. I believe that there are ideas and solutions available too us that will enhance our county. As County Commissioner I would like the opportunity to share these ideas with the board and begin bring businesses to the county. This will help alleviate our tax burden."

Ed Hill, Isanti County Commissioner Candidate

"I believe that taxes need to be reduced and back room politics need to be eliminated. I have the time, energy and leadership experience to get the job done and serve as District 1 Isanti County Commissioner."

Karl Schreck, Chisago County Sheriff Candidate

"I have twenty two years of law enforcement experience in Chisago County and I’m a proud United States Army Veteran."


Russ Monson, Isanti County Sherriff Candidate

"I have been involved in community events and programs for 15 years including running the Neighborhood Watches in Isanti County."

Kurt Daudt, State Representative Candidate

"Get our economy moving again and put Minnesotans back to work by promoting small business job growth through tax and regulatory reform."

Bob Barrett, State Representative Candidate

"I’m making life less taxing."

Rick Olseen, State Senator Candidate

"I’m a proven leader who gets results."

Tom Emmer, Gubernatorial Candidate

"Let’s restore prosperity by putting Minnesotans back in charge of their futures and put government back in the position of serving us."

Pete Marker, 10th District Judge Candidate

"I’m committed to community and service."

George Larson, Isanti County Commissioner Candidate

"Reliable and dedicated to fiscal responsibility and quality services."

Tom Horner, Gubernatorial Candidate

"I am running for governor and asking for your vote to make Minnesota better for all Minnesotans."

Greg Kranz, Isanti County Sherriff Candidate

"I truly believe the badge is more a symbol of public trust than of authority."

Jim Oberstar, House Candidate

"America’s challenges call for decisive action, not empty rhetoric. I’m fighting to ensure that every Minnesotan has the opportunity to succeed."

"The Cambridge Campus Student Senate is dedicated to creating a strong, sustainable relationship between the community and college members," says Kirsten Kennedy, Student Senate President. "We are beginning the year with an entire week dedicated to educating and providing opportunities to register and learn about the candidates, and voting processes here in Minnesota. We believe that transparency is the foundation for all successful leadership models and invites students, staff, faculty and community members to participate in creating a better Anoka-Ramsey Community."

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