The online voice of cambridge campus students
By Alyssa Peterson

Twenty-one-year-old Angelina Geinosky, from Warrenville, Ill., has an incredible passion for singing.

“My mom told me that I could sing before I could talk. I don’t know if I was influenced by Disney movies, or it could be my father’s love of music, all I know is that apparently I have been singing my whole life,” Geinosky said.

Her choir director and mentor, Gordon Krauspe, “inspired me to really go out there and do something remarkable with my talent. He helped me discover my true passion of music,” Geinosky said.

Geinosky showed off her talent in several school choirs and even participated in the Midwest Young Artists. “One of the things I have learned over the years about my love of singing,” she said, “is that although I love to sing on my own, I enjoy singing much more when I am singing in a choir.”

Geinosky’s favorite singing part in her choir was the alto. She enjoyed it so much more because she usually got to sing the harmony.

Geinosky concluded the interview with the comment that, “I really enjoy all the hard work and teamwork that comes along with chorale music because it helped me learn restraint and balance in my singing. I just love how people are blessed with the gift of song, and I think it's amazing that, when trained, I can use my voice the same way a person uses any other kind of instrument. Plus- it makes me happy.”

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