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"Dinner With Friends" by Donald Margulies

Directed by Lisa Weaver

Gabe and Karen are married food writers who years ago introduced their close friends Tom and Beth. Tom and Beth fell in love and got married, but one night as Gabe and Karen re making dinner, they receive startling news from Beth – Tom has left her for another woman, and the two are filing for divorce. Gabe and Karen soon feel as if they are being forced to take sides in the heat of the battle between Tom and Beth, and as the combative couple separates and both parties move on the new relationships, Gave and Karen find themselves taking a long, hard look at their own marriage – and they’re not sure how happy they are with what they find.


• Roles: 2 men, 2 woman

• Auditions will be Nov. 17

• Performances will be February 11,12,13,18&19 2011

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