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We are starting to pull everything together for our Honors in Action program. The topic this year is The Democratization of Information. We are focusing on how language (i.e. grammar and spelling) has changed over the years. We have created a test and have given it out to people from different generations. The residents at Grace Point Crossing have been the older generation whom we have tested against college students at ARCC. Megan Aho and Douglas Sjerven have been working with the residents at Grace Point Crossing, and the two of them said that they have been having lots fun. When the test results came back from both of these groups, the Grace Point residents scored, on average, higher than the college students! This goes to show that things like texting may be making some of us lacking in basic grammar skills.

            We also held a teacher appreciation dinner on the 15th. There was at least twenty teachers that were present. The theme of the dinner was a crock pot luck. We had one wall of a classroom full of various dishes all cooked in crock pots. All the teachers that were there said they had a good time and were appreciative of our effort to acknowledge all that they do. So again, I say thank you, on behalf of Phi Theta Kappa, to all the teachers here at ARCC.

            I also want to say good luck to all the students here at ARCC. Finals week is soon upon us, and we all know how stressful it can be. Just relax and all your hard work will soon pay off. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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