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Switch your email from Metnet to Microsoft Live@Edu by Nov. 15 and you might win an iPod.

The college is switching from Metnet to Microsoft Live@Edu ( ) for student email, in part because Metnet is discontinuing its email service. According to Cindy Nutter of the Student Life office, Metnet has not offered a specific end date, but students recommended moving as quickly as possible to a new, more robust alternative.
Top Features of Live@Edu (

Live@Edu ( ) was chosen because the college is a Microsoft organization and it was the service strongly preferred by student leadership, explained Nutter.

With Live@Edu each student will have:
• Large storage size for email (10 GB for Outlook
• Password protected 25 GB online storage through Windows Live SkyDrive
• Instant messaging
• Rich calendaring
• Photo sharing
• Multiple browser support
• SMS alerts to mobile phones

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